Felon Faces New Charges After Fleeing From Police

COLUMBUS – A Columbus man is in county court facing new charges after being arrested the day before he was scheduled to begin serving a jail sentence.

Dillon Martin, 24, is facing charges in his 3rd court case of 2017, after fleeing from police last week. Martin was in the parking lot of the Columbus VFW, when an officer went to talk to him, following a report that Martin had violated a harassment protection order, says the arrest affidavit.

When the officer approached martin, he fled on foot, heading south, eventually making his way to 25th Avenue and 22nd Street. Police say at the location, Martin, reached for his pants, at which time the officer told Martin to get on the ground or he would be tazed. Martin complied and was arrested.

A kitchen knife and box cutter were found on Martin at the time of the arrest. Martin is a convicted felon, after being found guilty of intent to deliver an exceptionally hazardous drug, back in a 2013 case. Martin was cited for carrying a concealed weapon, a minimum class 1 misdemeanor, but Martin has not been officially charged for the violation.

Martin faces two new charges for obstructing a police officer and violating a harassment protection order. The arrest, on August 1st, comes a day before Martin was scheduled to begin serving consecutive jail sentences, totaling 68 days, from two  cases earlier this year.

Martin is set to serve time for stalking and violating a harassment protection order.

An arraignment is scheduled for 8:45 a.m. on August 16th.

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