Falls City Council Approves to Help Ambulance Squad Purchase New Vehicle

FALLS CITY – The Falls City council approved to help a local organization fund a new vehicle.

The council unanimously approved to be borrower for a $50,000 grant from the USDA that would go towards the purchase of a new ambulance for the Falls City Volunteer Ambulance Squad.

City Administrator Gary Jorn, who spoke to the council as president of the squad, said that he is asking the city to step in because because the ambulance squad is a private organization, and therefore is barred from applying.

The grant would cover about one-third of the cost of a new vehicle. Jorn, who was joined by five other members of the volunteer squad at the meeting, said that they have received several generous donations from citizens.

According to Jorn, the squad’s need for a vehicle has come during a record year for the organization, who has responded to 206 calls in 2017 alone.

The organization relies 100 percent on volunteers and covers the entire county.