Fairbury Walmart Raises Money For Children’s Hospital, Hair Dyeing Ensues

FAIRBURY – For over 25 years Walmarts across the U.S. raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network, which in Nebraska goes to the Children’s Hospital in Omaha.  Ron Hilligas, Manager of the Fairbury Walmart says with money raised three years ago they were able to purchase an ambulance and thats the plan again this year.

“The ambulance can handle two isolates, so if there is twins that are born pre-maturely and needs to go to the Children’s Hospital, they don’t have to take two ambulances, the just need one.”

Hilligas also offered a challenge to his store to raise over $5,000, and if th ey did it he would die his hair.

“PURPLE HAIR!  So at the beginning of our fundraising campaign, I set what I thought was an unrealistic goal of $5000 to be raised.   If we hit that mark, I will do something crazy and we decided on that we would have my hair colored.  We had jars out front where people could donate and decide what color I should have my hair.   It started taking off more and more.  The Wednesday before it ended we were sitting at $4,996 so I was starting to make plans on what color my hair would be.   Purple won overwhelmingly because I know there are a-lot customers that come in with their Kansas State attire, and I think its payback.”

Hilligas said that there were over 200 patients from Jefferson County that went to Children’s Hospital last year, so for him the purple hair is well worth it.


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