Fairbury Council Discusses Best Solution for Intersection

FAIRBURY – The intersection of 24th Street and Industrial Drive in Fairbury was a point of contention during Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

Members of the council agreed that something needs to be done at the intersection to alleviate traffic and safety issues. The public works committee had recommended placing stop signs at the intersection for north and south bound traffic, but some members reversed themselves, saying they had since determined that was not the best solution.

Councilman Ed Friesen was among those who don’t believe stop signs would solve the issues.

:32     “…do something different.”

One possible solution raised during discussion was widening the intersection. City Administrator Collin Bielser said that work would be the responsibility of the state.

:18     “…pay it.”

Friesen expressed hope the state would work with the city on the problem as a safety issue.

:25     “…would help.”

The council voted 5-2 not to place stop signs at the intersection. Councilman Brad Kuzelka said the public works committee would investigate other possible solutions.

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