Disorderly House Ordinance Put on Hold, by Beatrice Elected Officials

BEATRICE – Passage of a new disorderly house ordinance in Beatrice has been put on hold.  That, after two members of a local landlord’s association expressed some misgivings about it.

Laverne and Jeremy Engelman spoke to the mayor and city council last night about the proposed rule changes.  Jeremy Engelman is President of the Gage County Rental Association.

:23                  “with us”

Engelman said the proposed ordinance is too broad.  The council was set to give final approval of the new regulation, last night.

Chief of Police Bruce Lang says it is not designed to adversely affect people who own and rent property.  He says it’s designed to address repeat problems, where things such as loud parties are drawing repeated neighborhood complaints.

:12                  “we can’t solve”

The ordinance proposes fines for repeat offenses.  Lang says the City of Lincoln has a similar enforcement mechanism directed toward nuisance parties.

Lang says the proposed ordinance is not directed toward more typical complaints police officers respond to.

:13                  “police work”

Laverne Engelman says rental owners would like to be notified by police as early as possible when officers are called to a disturbance at a rental property.

:32                  “right away”

Engelman says there are 86 landlords in the local association and there are about 600 rentals in Beatrice.

The city council agreed to indefinitely postpone action on the disorderly house ordinance, in favor of city administration and police meeting with members of the rental association to address any concerns.

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