Defendant Who Served As Courthouse Helper, Sentenced to Probation

BEATRICE – A Lincoln man convicted of violating a protection order, a subsequent offense, has been sentenced to a three-year Gage County probation term.

Matthew Lewis was sentenced by Gage County District Judge, Rick Schreiner, on Wednesday.

Lewis, who has struggled with alcohol use, told the judge his life is turning around through the opportunity to participate in treatment.

:34                  “drinking, again”

Lewis said he is now a friend with his ex-wife, who had the protection order against him.  There was no violence involved in the violation of the protection order.

Judge Schreiner noted that while Lewis served a year-long sentence in Gage County Jail, he would often see Lewis washing sheriff’s vehicles….and Lewis was considered valuable help to the county, doing courthouse work.

The judge said when sober, Lewis was earning the respect of others and being helpful.

:29                  “everyone else”

Schreiner said Lewis did a lot of good things in the courthouse when he was sober, and could do likewise in his community.

As part of the probation, Lewis is ordered to participate in specialized substance abuse treatment, and take part in alcoholic’s anonymous meetings at least three times, each week.  The judge also included other forms of treatment and counseling.

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