David City School Boards Approves Elementary Expansion

DAVID CITY, Neb. – David City Elementary School will be expanding after the school board unanimously approved the project this week.

The $1.2 million renovation will provide more office space in the school, improve the cafeteria and most notably, will provide additional special education classrooms, something the school sorely needed.

“We noticed that our special education numbers were increasing rapidly, our demographics were changing just a little bit and we didn’t have any space for that,” says School Board President Stephanie Summers.

The plan is to add either three special ed classrooms, or four smaller ones. Summers says that currently the special education students have to be versatile, moving around the school just to find a place to learn.

“Some of our special education teachers have been teaching out of some closet spaces, they’re testing students in small areas just off the lunch room,” says Summers.

Now while those new additions are just for a select few, every David City Elementary student will notice more cafeteria space. This will allow the school to go from three lunch periods, to just two.

“Which means we don’t have little kids eating at 10:45 in the morning for their lunch,” says Summers.

The district is able to conduct this major expansion without raising taxes, or passing a bond issue. Summers says that’s because the board, along with superintendent Chad Denker, planned ahead for quite a while to make the pricey expansion possible.

“We knew we were going to have to be doing something, so over the years we have slowly been saving money into our building fund,” says Summers.

As for future updates, Summers says the district will looking to updating the high school offices and security, while also considering building a theatre for the district.

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