Custer County Republican Party Convention

Custer County Republican Party Convention
Kenny Zoeller, Nebraska Republican Party Executive Director, speaks at the Custer County convention on Wednesday in Broken Bow
BROKEN BOW—“Great to get out of the Lincoln bubble” is how Kenny Zoeller described the county convention tour. Zoeller serves as the Nebraska Republican Party Executive Director; he and his team will be touring 66 counties in nine days. (Other county conventions will be hosted by local entities.) Zoeller and State Field Director Caitlin Holman have been meeting with county party officers as they elect delegates for the state convention and discuss Nebraska’s crucial issues.

On Wednesday afternoon, Zoeller spoke with KCNI/KBBN and said the legislative session is winding down with only five days left. Property taxes continue to be the hot-button issue and Zoeller says the growing burden is unacceptable.

“Property taxes is the number one issue in the state of Nebraska and when we talk about helping the ag economy right now, you know, the growing burden on our producers, on Nebraskans, from property taxes over the last 10-15 years–it’s grown so much that it’s unacceptable,” Zoeller said.

LB 947 Nebraska Property Tax Cuts and Opportunities Act was the only bill focused on property tax relief that advanced out of the revenue committee. In addition to property tax relief, the bill also includes income tax relief and would eliminate some credits/exemptions.

“All across the state, it doesn’t matter where we travel. The number one thing that comes up is when is the legislature going to do something on property tax relief? It’s completely unacceptable for state senators not to act and not to get something passed this session,” Zoeller said.

Representatives from Adrian Smith’s office and Governor Rickett’s office provided updates to convention attendees, including word that the Nebraska two-year $8.8 billion budget passed. Senator Matt Williams said the budget passed on final reading after undergoing extensive debate and tension in the Capitol regarding Title X funding.

“The governor’s budget did pass and it included his Title X provision in it which bars organizations such as Planned Parenthood from using your tax dollars to go towards abortion,” Field Director for Governor Ricketts Sara Wajda said.

Secretary of State candidate Bob Evnen attended the event and says he is focusing his campaign on voting security, public safety, and economic security.

To wrap up Wednesday’s convention, motions were made to elect county officers and state convention delegates. This year’s Republican Party state convention will be held June 15-16 in Nebraska City.


Kyle Petersen
Craig Safranek
Karen Evans
Kevin Cooksley


Shannon Cooksley
Ann Owen
Connie Adams
Jeff Evans

Custer County Republican Party Officers:

County Chair: Craig Safranek
Vice Chair: Karen Evans
Secretary/Treasurer: Connie Adams

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