CPS Looking For Stories About Impactful Staff Members

COLUMBUS – Columbus Public Schools is looking for stories about specific staff members, who had an impact on your life.

Columbus Public Schools Foundation Director Kim Kwapnioski says, they would like to honor and recognize their staff members, who have had a positive impact on students.

Kwapnioski says, “We have many people and teachers that give a lot to our schools and to our students, and we wanna just take that time to recognize them.”

Kwapnioski says one local teacher who fits what they are looking for, is Megan Johnson, who she says spent a lot of time and energy making the Lost Creek Inclusive Playground a reality. Kwapnioski says additionally the recent moves to new facilities, for both the high school and middle school, took a lot of effort from the CPS staff, that sometimes goes unrecognized.

“It took a lot of great teachers, great staff, great things going on in the Columbus Public Schools, and sometimes those efforts go above and beyond, and so we want to hear that. But those are just a few things that have happened here at Columbus Public Schools. I know there are many other things that go on, and we want to hear that, and we want to recognize those folks,” says Kwapnioski.

If you have a story, or even just an example or two, of a CPS staff member impacting  your life, Kwapnioski is asking you to email her at kwapnioskik@discoverers.org or call her at 402-563-7000 to tell her more.

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