City Asks For County to Review Industrial Zoning for Specific Land

COLUMBUS – The city of Columbus has asked for the county to review specific parcels of land within local industrial tracts for rezoning.

Platte County received the city’s request on Tuesday, and can only intact this review process in march of an evenly number year, said PC Deputy Attorney Elizabeth Lay.

If the parcels of land are not meeting the state standards, for an industrially zone section of land, that individual parcel will be rezoned, and will begin paying the required city taxes, said Lay.

Their are 13 parcels of land in total, going before review. City Administrator Tara Vasicek says the parcels of land were selected after city officials reviewed every industrial tract in and around the city. Vasicek says the last time the zoning review was requested by the city, was in 2010.

An initial review meeting has been scheduled for March 20th, and if county board members decide the pieces of land are candidates for rezoning, then they will give land owners a 90 day notice before holding a hearing, where the board will make the final decision, says Lay.

Two properties will be reviewed within Industrial tract #1, 6 properties within Industrial tract #4, and 5 properties within Industrial tract #9, according to city documents.

(The following are according to city documents)

Industrial tract #1 is located from 17th Street to 23rd Street, 10th Avenue to 16th Avenue

Industrial tract #4 is located from Howard Boulevard to 26th Street, Between 53rd Avenue and 55th Avenue 

Industrial Tract #9 is located south of the Union Pacific Railroad near 3rd Avenue 


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