Bonham Theatre Project Receives Tax Exemption

FAIRBURY – The Bonham Theatre Project went before the Jefferson County Commissioners Tuesday morning asking for tax exempt status for their building and business personal property.

The Bonham Theatre Project is a one hundred percent volunteer operated and nonprofit movie theater located in downtown Fairbury.

Mary Banahan, who is the Jefferson County Assessor felt that the group was not a charitable organization and originally made a recommendation to deny the groups initial application.  However, she said that more data may impact the county commissioner’s decision on the exemption application.

At the meeting, Bonham Theatre Project president Brooke Schwab submitted a revised application to not only include charitable status but also Educational as they host and offer many events free of charge for multiple organizations and schools.    Schwab also pointed out that Hebron has a similar theater group set up and that they received the tax exemption status in Thayer County.

After hearing comments from the group and other supporting members of the community, the County Assessor still felt that there was not enough data to support their claim as a charitable organization and still made the recommendation to deny the revised application.

Going against the recommendation, The Jefferson County Commissioners did approve the revised tax exemption application for the Bonham Theatre Project.  President Brooke Schwab was pleased by the decision.

“Very happy that the County Commissioners approved our tax exempt status.  Now we can continue as we have been.   We won’t have to change any pricing or anything like that.   We hope that people continue to support the Bonham and come to the theatre. ”

You can find out more information about the Bonham Theatre at

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