Beatrice ROCKS Popularity Spreading Across Community

BEATRICE – Over a thousand people have fled to the Beatrice ROCKS Facebook page in a short amount of time thanks to a brand new fad across town.

Beatrice ROCKS is an idea based off The Kindness Rocks Project. It was “created to spread inspiration and motivation for unsuspecting recipients through random  inspirational rocks dropped along the way.”

Participants essentially paint a rock and hide it around town with a message or design on it. When a person discovers the rock, the hope is to brighten their day.

The “Crazy Rock Lady,” still not ready to reveal her identity, got the idea from her sister.

“We have to bring this to Beatrice. This would be so awesome. Basically, because of the Kindness Rock Project, they guide you on how to start it and move forward with it. So what we did was, we started the Facebook Page and it was only about 10 days ago. Then, we started painting the rocks and spreading them around where people would find them and then get the idea to continue.”

The Beatrice ROCKS Facebook Page now has over 1,400 likes, including over 800 in the first three days it was created.

“It was kind of a shock at how quick everybody caught on, and I hope it continues. Just in our family alone, we call it our rock adventures, and almost every night, the kids are ready to go. We pack up and we go hide rocks.”

The Crazy Rock Lady, as she’s been dubbed, has seen great community involvement, and believes the project truly brings family and friends together.

“Not only are they showing their paintings, they’re showing them going out as a family with friends, hunting, hiding and I think they’re really responding to the fact that it really does bring such joy and kindness to others. Just a simple rock, at the right spot, at the right time.”

If you find a rock around town, be sure to share it with their Facebook page. Beatrice ROCKS is looking for anyone to paint and hide rocks, as well.

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