Beatrice Police Officers to Begin Using E-Ticket System

Beatrice Police Officers to Begin Using E-Ticket System
Beatrice Police Records Administrator, Traci Baehr

BEATRICE – It’s out with the old way… with the new…for Beatrice Police Officers writing traffic tickets.

A Nebraska Crime Commission grant of more than $28,000 is helping fund new E-Ticket software and equipment.  Police Records Administrator Traci Baehr says it’s expected to streamline the process for police in the field and for records.

:20                  “from the car”

The information goes into a crime data base system, to Beatrice Police records and then to courts and prosecutors.

Baehr says she’s excited about the change, which should improve accuracy.

:10                  “lot more efficient”

The system has been installed in police patrol cars and Baehr says it’s been in the testing phase.  It will be fully implemented in about two weeks.  The department had been updating it mobile data systems.

Police Officer Natasha Nesbitt says once officers get accustomed to the E-Ticket system, it could be a time-saver.

:17                  “by a few minutes”

Nesbitt says officers have received training  on the system, but adds there will be a learning curve with the E-Ticket process.  Nesbitt demonstrated it within her patrol car.

Beatrice Police Officer, Natasha Nesbitt

:11                  “you have”

The officer carries a small scanner and has a printer within the patrol unit.

:18                  “into there”

Officer Nesbitt says the system also helps for crime information reporting purposes.  The officer prints a copy for the person getting the ticket.  The violator signs the officer’s copy and police scan-in the violator’s signature.

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