Beatrice Officials Support Full-Time Code Enforcement Position

Beatrice Officials Support Full-Time Code Enforcement Position
Beatrice Chief Building Inspector, Rob Mierau

BEATRICE – There’s consensus among Beatrice elected officials to transition a part-time code enforcement officer back to a full-time position.  But, it wasn’t included in the current two-year city budget.

:10                  “this next year”

City Administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer says the city council could opt to find the funds, either in the city’s reserve or by cutting back in some other area.

Councilman Dwight Parde believes its necessary to change the part-time position of Chet McGrury to a full-time job, to address code problems such as tall vegetation.

:11                  “that department”

Chief Building Inspector Rob Mierau says he underestimated how much work there is in his office, in the area of building inspection.

:32                  “a big factor”

Councilman Ted Fairbanks feels code enforcement is every city employee’s job, but he feels the police department could be charged with taking a greater role in enforcement.  He says they officers have the authority to write citations for code violations.  Fairbanks says he doesn’t, however, want to back off funding in the budget for tearing down dilapidated structures.

Mierau says the inspection office does get complaints relayed by all departments, to some extent.  But, he says there is still follow-up work to do, on those complaints.

The mayor, city administrator and finance director plan to look at possible funding sources to make the code enforcement position, a full-time job.

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