Beatrice Mayor, Council Pay Will Stay the Same

BEATRICE – The Beatrice Mayor and City Council have no appetite for increasing mayoral and council salaries, at this time.

Former 1st Ward City Councilman Dwight Parde suggested another look at elected officials pay as he was retiring from his council position….as an incentive to get more people to run for local office.

Councilman Bob Morgan feels an increase isn’t warranted.

:21                  “myself a raise”

Currently, The Beatrice Mayor is paid $9,750 annually, while city council members make $6,500 yearly.   The mayoral pay level ranks sixth among 25 comparable cities in Nebraska.   Council pay ranks 10th among the 25 surveyed by city administration.  Councilman Ted Fairbanks says if you’re doing the job for the pay, it’s for the wrong reason.

:13                  “just me”

During a work session Monday night after less than five minutes discussion, the consensus was to leave mayor and council pay levels where they are.

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