Beatrice Councilman Suggests Banning Cardboard From Landfill

BEATRICE – The City of Lincoln has begun banning cardboard from the landfill.  A Beatrice City Councilman would like to see a similar move, in his city.

Phil Cook wonders is banning cardboard would extend the life of the city’s landfill, a few more years.

:24                  “for Lincoln”

Councilman Ted Fairbanks says citywide recycling is something he could support.

:16                  “put in there”

Not all councilmen agree.  Bob Morgan doesn’t favor citywide recycling collection.

:12                  “vote for”

Councilman Rich Kerr says he was in favor of citywide garbage collection but is opposed to that system for recycling.   He says those who want to recycle, will do so.

:02                  “for, a fight”

Councilman Rick Clabaugh says he’ supportive of banning cardboard, if it can save landfill space.  Some larger businesses that use a lot of cardboard already recycle the material on their own, according City Administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer.

:14                  “not the cereal box”

Councilman Cook says the City of Lincoln undertook an information campaign on the move, before implementing it. He says Lincoln uses drop-off locations, around the city.

No action from the discussion by the Beatrice City Council, last night.  Officials say they’d like to get information on cost and type of containers and possible locations.

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