Avoid if Possible…Policy Governing Police Pursuits

Avoid if Possible…Policy Governing Police Pursuits
Beatrice Police Patrol vehicle, damaged by suspect's vehicle

BEATRICE –  They may look exciting on video or in the movies, but police pursuits are bad.

Beatrice Chief of Police Bruce Lang says that’s the philosophy used by his department, and their occurrence is governed by policy that matches state law.

Chief Lang says, “we don’t want to do them, if we can avoid them”.

:09                  “very quickly”

Still, there are those times when pursuits continue over a prolonged period, often ending with an arrest.  One chase recently involved a suspect in the armed robbery of a Beatrice convenience store.

:31                  “were very helpful, as well”

The chase of the robbery suspect ended in a remote area along the Nebraska-Kansas State line, with Kansas law officers flattening two of the tires on the pursued vehicle with gunshots, to disable it.

In many pursuits involving less serious offenses, Lang says factors such as time of day, traffic congestion, location and other circumstances of the surrounding area are taken into account.  That’s where the supervisor’s role comes into play.

:20                  “it’s over”

In one recent pursuit, a fleeing driver struck a Beatrice Police Patrol S-U-V, as the officer was blocking part of North 2nd Street.  The impact totaled the unit but did not seriously injure the officer.

Some law enforcement pursuits end when authorities have already identified the driver and can make contact with that person under less dramatic circumstances, later on.

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