Around 4,000 People are Food Insecure in Gage and Jefferson Counties, Half are Children

FAIRBURY NCN STUDIOS –  The Food Bank of Lincoln works with multiple partners to provide much needed food to families and individuals in the area.

The Food Bank of Lincoln Communications Director Michaella Kumke says, “A lot of people don’t realize that the Food Bank of Lincoln serves 16 counties in Southeast Nebraska, and that includes the area covered by Jefferson and Gage counties and well beyond that. In that territory there are about 60,940 people who are food insecure. And in the Jefferson and Gage counties, that number is about 4,000 individuals, and half of that approximately are children.”

For those who didn’t know, individuals who suffer from food insecurity aren’t able to afford sufficient quantities of nutritious food – food needed to sustain and live a healthy lifestyle.

Kumke says, “What a lot of people don’t realize is that folks who are food insecure, these are people who are our neighbors, they are our co-workers and family.”

And it’s not only our friends and children that need this service, our elders are also in need of this food.

“With aging baby boomers, that means that there are hungry people. And fixed incomes certainly make it difficult for people to make ends meet. By the time the end of the month rolls around, that is often when our phone lines get busy and we see an increase jump in attendance at mobile food distributions. It is a really good reminder – an important reminder that, especially seniors take advantage of these federal programs.

So what can you, as an active and supportive community member, do to help? A few options include hosting your own food drive or donating to local pantries.

Kumke adds, “If you want to support the Food Bank of Lincoln which is covering the 16 counties in Southeast Nebraska, you can visit our website, and you can donate funds online. For every $1 that is donated to the Food Bank of Lincoln, we can turn that into approximately three meals.”


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