After Successful Hypnotism, Woman Opens Her Own Hypnotherapy Clinic in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Neb. – After Cathy Tierney survived cancer, she continued to fear that the disease would come back and again put stress on herself and her family.

Eventually, after prodding from a friend, she decided to be hypnotized in order to rid herself of her fear.

“Long story short, it helped me so much I decided that I would go through the classes and become certified, and offer this as an option for other people that might find it beneficial,” says Tierney.

The nurse with a background in mental health, said she knew of hypnosis for events and a few other personal issues, but she had no idea it could help people overcome their own fears.

“I didn’t know that hypnosis could help in overcoming a fear. I always had heard about hypnosis for weight loss and smoking cessation but I did not know that it would help with these other things,” says Tierney.

So for the last couple years, Tierney has been seeing patients seeking help in anything from weight loss, smoking, to anxiety issues. Tierney says people can receive hypnotherapy for many different things that they want to change about themselves.

“Hypnosis helps you change the behaviors that you want to change, the habits that you want to change, the thoughts and beliefs that you have,” says Tierney.

She says that hypnosis may not be for everyone and especially with issues like anxiety or depression, it can be used along with more typical medical practices.

“If an individual believes that hypnosis will help them, it will help them. If they believe it won’t help them, it will not help them,” says Tierney.

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