A Happy Ending for Beatrice Couple and Their Billboard Proposal

BEATRICE – This happy couple is the talk of the town after Mike Splitter proposed to his girlfriend on a local billboard.

Mike laughs as he tells News Channel Nebraska, “I didn’t have a better idea.”

The romantic gesture has been spread all across social media. Mike’s girlfriend of 7 years and 11 months, Renee Griffeth found out through her stepson.

Renee says, “He said, ‘Do you have something to tell me?’ I had no idea what he was talking about. So anyhow, he said ‘I’ll just send you a picture.’ He sent the picture and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! Could this really be me? Is this – are we the Renee and Mike that’s in this billboard?'”

Renee’s stepson wasn’t the only one curious about the billboard and her answer. Renee was waiting to hear back from Mike to see if the proposal was really meant for her.

“Three and half hours later, I think it was, he finally responded – because he was at work, no cellphones. He said, ‘How about that? A day early!'”

Renee made a sign of her own to answer Mike’s question.

Renee says, “We’re very happy. Very happy. I’m glad to be with this man. He’s been really good to my son and me. He’s a good man.”

As far as wedding planning goes, the couple hasn’t really set a date yet. When it comes to a possible venue, Mike has one idea.

“We did a fake wedding on November 11, 2011 when we were in Vegas. We’re going to be in Vegas again on November 11, 2017. So?”

Mike set the bar high on “proposal goals.”

So, how long will Renee have to admire her billboard?

Mike says, “You know, I think – I think for about a month. I’m not real sure.” Renee shares a laugh with Mike.

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