2500 Cattle Come to Columbus for Annual Montana Cattle Sale

2500 Cattle Come to Columbus for Annual Montana Cattle Sale
Travis Bock is the Owner and President of the Columbus Sales Pavillion

COLUMBUS – Sixty plus years ago a tradition was started between cattlemen from Montana and the Columbus Sales Pavilion.  Travis Bock is President and Owner of the barn saying it’s a perfect fit as most of the cattle end up here because we have all the corn

Bock says, “We have all the feed, we don’t up that that way, you know they have hay to finish it. So they do come down here to feed them. That’s the majority of the reason they come down, and we have the feed lots around here. We’re about 20 minutes away from a packing house to the east, sixty minutes away to the west.”

Helena Montana Cattleman John Novotny says working with local cattleman keeps him coming back…

Novotny says, “You know and the markets good down here and this is where the buyers are at  so you go where the money is at. We’ve been coming here a long time and I do a lot of A.I., artificial insemination on the cows, and I got the same guys buying my steers and stuff every year so obviously they’re working good for them.

Chris Rieber from Glen Montana brought both steers and heifers to the sale saying the cattle adapt well to Nebraska weather.

 “We graze some cattle at 7,000 plus feet in the summertime, and they’re exposed to 90 plus degrees in the summer as well as forty, thirty five below in the wintertime. They’ve got quite a system here. They’ve got a good group of people working for them and we enjoy coming down it’s kind of the vacation for the year,” says Rieber.

2500 head of cattle will sell on Tuesday starting at 12:30 p.m. representing 24 Montana ranch families.

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