ZPro Futbol International GoalKeepers Camp at Wilderness Park

COLUMBUS – The ZPro Futbol International GoalKeepers Camp is back at Wilderness Park to teach goalkeepers the proper skills.

Goalkeepers Coach Zuriel Lozano says he has helped assist players with the basics and fundamentals of the position for several years and this is his third year assisting with the Camp in Columbus.

“For years we noticed that most of the camps in the United States are field players specific summer camps, and so we decided a lot of the professionals like myself, who decided to form an organization to train only specific Goalkeepers.  Goalkeepers are usually the ones in the soccer field who are usually the neglected ones,” says Lozano.

The camp was started to focus on the skills and training of goalkeepers and to give the players the tools they need to compete at a higher level.

“A lot of these kids or some of them don’t even get any training, especially in this area, that much training or no training at all. So camps like this is whats really providing good services for them to learn about how it is at the high level,” says Lozano.

Brazilian Professional Goalkeeper Valdir Bardi explains how patients and helping players achieve their dreams is what drives him as a coach.

“I think the kids right now especially here in Nebraska, they are really motivated to do it.  I think this doesn’t happen to much and you can see it in their eyes  how much patients they have and how they give everything in training sessions and I did not have that when I was young  and these kids already have it and it’s wonderful to see” says Bardi.

For more additional Information on skills and training you can visit www.zprofutbol.com

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