Young Umps Learning the Art of the Craft

COLUMBUS –  Area youth gathered Sunday to work on perfecting the art of becoming a baseball umpire.

Karl Dierman held the clinic Sunday in conjunction with Outlaw Baseball, to help teach young baseball players and fans how to become umpires. Dierman says he is a huge fan of the game of baseball, and has a passion for trying to perfect the art of umping, so that Columbus area baseball can be at it’s best.

“Good umpiring increases the quality of the baseball, and it’s a great summer job for them, they’re doing what they like. I enjoy mentoring, I enjoy teaching. I had a few conversations with the Outlaw organization and we put this together and the turnout was incredible,” says Dierman.

Dierman says he will continue to be a source of knowledge for the youth as they pursue their umpire careers, and is offering to go watch the kids ump games as well, to help give them tips on what they can improve on. The day started at the old Walmart and Apogee facility, where the kids worked on the technical aspect, but then transitioned to Gerard Park where kids got live action practice.


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