Two UNK Alumni Publishing A New Children’s Book

Two UNK Alumni are teaming up to spread an amazing message to little girls through a new children’s book that is on the brink of being published.   Amy Jo Miller, the author of the book, said that writing a book has always been something that she has wanted to do.   However, the inspiration came from somewhere special.

“I was just kind of waiting for that thing in my life that would inspire something that people would actually want to read about and then I had kids.”

The book You Are More Beautiful Than You Know was born shortly after Miller’s second child – a baby girl.  Amy Joe Miller would pray with her son every night, but the inspiration for the book came from her daughter’s prayer.

“I kind of felt compelled to add a little bit of something to that prayer and just hoping that she never questions how beautiful she is and what she was created to be.”

Miller likes the fact that You Are More Beautiful Than You Know is a great message that can be learned through the words of a bedtime story.

“It’s through something that’s fun and you know maybe not so obvious as a lesson slapped in your face, but more of a bedtime story that you can really convey to them… this is who you are and that’s amazing and you’re beautiful for so much more than what you see.”

Amy Jo Miller had the story and now she just needed to make them as beautiful as the message.   She sent Dawn Sailors, an old friend from college, a message asking about the possibility of illustrating the book.   Sailors is no stranger to creativity,  she’s VP of Creative at an agency in Nebraska and co-founder of   After hearing the books message, Dawn Sailors, a mother of two daughters jumped on board.

Sailors, a Diller Odell graduate, and now Omaha resident says that the illustrations in this book are not typically what you would see in a children’s book.

“they’re definitely not specifically tailored to come off as your typical sugar and spice and everything nice.  In fact, what I really wanted to create is something sweet and spicy, which is how I describe my daughters.”

Instead, the illustrations are meant to be complex with different sides to them to make each illustration unique which Sailors says captures the message of the book.

“I wanted the artwork to be beautiful obviously, but also to embrace the imperfection which I think is the message of the story.  It’s not just about how pretty you can be, or how beautiful you are on the outside.”

The two have their project out on, which is a fundraising platform for entrepreneurs to help make their projects or ideas a reality.   However, unlike normal fundraising, Miller says you get something back in return.

“There’s a bunch of different levels of “rewards” basically what you’re doing is pledging an amount of money to pre-order the product.”

Sailors admitted when she first read the words to the book she had tears in her eyes, as she feels it’s such a great message to get out.

“This is something beautiful and it’s important for little girls, but it’s not just for little girls it’s important for women everywhere to know that it’s not about what you look like, I mean that’s one part of who you are but it’s so much more than that. “

You can check out their Kickstarter page here or search here and help make the book You Are More Beautiful Than You Know a reality.

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