State Patrol Offers Civilian Training For Active Killers

Nothing is a cure all. Society has to realize that

- Trooper Rowell

NEBRASKA CITY – State Trooper William Rowell told Rotarians Wednesday that the Nebraska State Patrol offers businesses training called  “civilian response to an active killer event” and answered questions regarding school security.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation identified 220 incidences of active shooters from 2000 to 2016 and nearly 1,500 casualties. Trooper Rowell said 42 percent of the locations were commercial buildings.

He said businesses can make their publicly-accessible location less attractive to people planning an active shooting by the presence of armed security and the presence of cameras.

Rowell: “Nothing is a cure all. Society has to realize that. That’s my opinion. Nothing is going to cure it. Nothing is going to fix it all. You could put 100 officers in a school and somebody could still get in with a weapon, somebody could, you know, throw a bomb at the school, somebody could drive a semi through it. An officer is not going to stop that.

But it has been proven that, if you do have a hardened target, either one, they are not going to pick it or two, they are not going to end up killing as many people.”

A hardened target is a location where there is restricted access and the presence of armed security.

He said the first civilian response should be to leave the building. He said survivors have reported that playing dead may not be effective.

If  you can not leave the building, hide and barricade doors to deny a shooter access to the room. As a last resort, defend yourself against the attacker.

Trooper Rowell told Rotarians that training is useful  when immediate, decisive action is necessary.

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