Legislatures stall on Tuesday

LINCOLN, NE (News Channel Nebraska) – Legislators scolded one another and tempers flared on Tuesday during debate that saw no action taken.

Time ran out to vote on a legislative resolution proposed by senator Justin Wayne of Omaha that would extend the tiff repayment period from 15 to 20 years in highly blighted areas of communities.

Wayne voiced his displeasure during the debate and said he was lied to by Senator Mike Groene of North Platte.

“To me, a vote against this, you’re not really serious about changing the conditions of my community. I have to start taking a long hard look at people asking me to do things for their community, including property tax relief. If we want to go the distance to have an extended debate, that’s fine, but let’s make it a real debate. If we’re just repeating the same things, then that is going to be a long session to come.”

Debate also continued on LB169. That’s a bill introduced by Senator Megan Hunt that would allow three-time drug felons to get food stamps. During that debate, Senator Suzanne Geist of Lincoln was the first of multiple senators to criticize how lawmakers have been treating each other.

“We have robust debate here on the floor, and then that robust debate is taken outside of the floor and put on social media. Then, it goes beyond the debate. It singles out senators by name.”

The legislature will continue debate today.

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