Design Phase Complete For Lincoln South Beltway

LINCOLN — The Nebraska Department of Transportation has completed the final design for the Lincoln South Beltway project that is scheduled for a construction start date in 2020.

The final design includes input from public hearings and stakeholders and reduces impacts to several adjacent property owners.

The beltway will create an 11-mile, four-lane expressway to link Highway 2 with US Highway 77.

While NDOT has made numerous minor adjustments throughout the corridor to minimize the impacts,

the more notable changes to the project since the public hearing include:


·         Minimized the footprint of the service interchanges (27th, 68th & 82nd) by utilizing roundabouts at

the ramp terminals.  Roundabouts reduce the need for turn lane storage, which decreases bridge

width and allows the ramp geometry to be compressed more.


·         Provided a new connection to 120th Street on the north side of existing N-2.  Previous designs

terminated 120th Street with a cul-de-sac.


·         Deferred construction of the 134th Street grade separation until warranted by future traffic

conditions.  This change will allow 134th Street to operate as it is today.


·         Providing a consolidated mitigation site on the east side of 14th Street to mitigate the wetland and

stream impacts associated with this project.


information on the Lincoln South Beltway project can be found at: South Lincoln Beltway


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