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Custer Care Center

You may pick up an application at 1020 So 2nd, Broken Bow, NE or on our website custercare.com

Medication Aide – Part-time or full-time position 11:30pm-7:30 am  Flexible scheduling but must work every other weekend. Starting wage $11/hr


Must be 18 yrs of age  Able to lift up to 20 lbs.  Has had  experience in working with elderly people


  • Provide medications and treatments per physicians orders.
  •  Assist clients with activities of daily living.
  •  Assist in keeping facility in clean and orderly condition
  •  Assist in doing client and facility laundry

Custer Care Center

You may pick up an application at 1020 So 2nd, Broken Bow, NE or on our website custercare.com



  1. Shall be at least 21 years of age be able to lift up to 20 pounds.  
  2. Shall have had at least two years of formal post-secondary education from an accredited institution of learning and a minimum of 5 years experience working with elderly and/or impaired adults in a supervisory administrative capacity.
  3. Must be certified as a 40-hour Medication Aide with one year experience.  
  4. Demonstrates the ability to assist the client with ADL needs (i.e. baths, nail care, feeding, etc.


    1. Serve as liaison between the program and the community, working to develop cooperative relationships with other community service agencies and organizations.
    2. Carry out sound fiscal management practices within the program to meet the facility budget requirements.
    3. Be responsible for the facility’s compliance with rules and regulations.
    4. Will serve as a substitute for the Program Director when necessary and must be responsible and accountable for the management of the facility.


  1. Program of Activities:
    1. Oversee and supervise program activities in the Program Directors absence.
    2. With other program personnel, plan and carry out a program of services and activities to achieve program goals and meet needs of clients.
    3. Assists with a caregiver support group program for client’s families routinely.
    4. Assists with the Safety Committee and coordinates for the safety in the buildings. Sees that routine safety drills are completed and records are maintained.
    5. Assists with the maintenance and repairs of the physical facilities.