Trump administration's first human rights report sparks fierce criticism

(WASHINGTON) -- The U.S. State Department has released its first human rights report fully compiled under the Trump administration, and it's generating controversy for several changes and omissions - including eliminating references to "reproductive ... Read More

US believes Austin Tice still alive as FBI offers new $1 million reward

(NEW YORK) -- Intelligence gathered over the past 18 months suggests that American journalist Austin Tice is still alive almost six years after he went missing in Syria, ABC News has learned.

The assessment comes as the FBI has, for the fi... Read More

Endangered African penguins threatened by avian flu

(CAPE TOWN, South Africa) -- Endangered African penguins living in a colony on Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa, have been further threatened by an outbreak of avian flu.

According to Nature, veterinarians detected the virus in Fe... Read More

700-year-old Banyan tree in southern India put on a 'drip' to save it

(NEW YORK) -- A 700-year-old Banyan tree whose branches spread across about three acres is believed to be one of the oldest and largest of its kind in the world.

But when one of the branches of the tree in Telangana in southern India broke... Read More

Australian ex-deputy prime minister welcomes baby with former staffer

(NEW YORK) -- The former deputy prime minister of Australia and his partner, Vikki Campion, have welcomed a baby boy.

Joyce quit his government post and position as leader of the National Party of Australia after it emerged he was having an af... Read More

Direct hotline set up for North, South Korea presidents

(SEOUL) -- A direct hotline has been set up between South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
A test call was made Friday between Seoul's presidential office and Pyongyang's State Affairs C... Read More

China province tries spraying and publicly shaming jaywalkers to deter them

(BEIJING) -- Crossing the street in China is often a chaotic business.

 It seemingly has nothing to do with whether a light is red or green. Instead, people just crowd onto the curb until they reach critical mass, and then off they go.Read More

What you need to know about Cuba's new president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, as Raul Castro steps down

(HAVANA) -- Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez is the first person outside of the Castro family to rule over Cuba in almost 60 years.

Raul Castro, who succeeded his brother Fidel in 2006, stepped down as president Thursday and gave power to his succes... Read More

US has 'credible evidence' Russia, Syria sanitizing alleged chemical attack site: State Department

(NEW YORK) -- The U.S. said Thursday it has "credible information and intelligence" that shows Russian and Syrian regime officials are denying an investigative team access to the alleged chemical weapons attack sites in Douma, Syria, as they sanitize... Read More

Meghan Markle joins Prince Harry in support of women's empowerment

(LONDON) -- Just one month before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to marry, the couple stepped out at a reception to promote women’s empowerment and girls' education.

Markle, who once served as an advocate for UN Women, joined Har... Read More

German theater offers swastika-wearers free entry to a play on Hitler’s birthday

(BERLIN) -- The Konstanz Theater in southern Germany is offering visitors free tickets to an upcoming production of playwright George Tabori’s Hitler satire Mein Kampf by adding a provocative audience-participation element.

... Read More

How the end of the Castro era affects US travel to Cuba

(HAVANA) -- After nearly 60 years of Castro rule, there is a new president in Cuba. The Cuban General Assembly voted on Wednesday to elect First Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel as the next president.

Who is the 57-year-old Communis... Read More

Saudis lift 35-year cinema ban with 'Black Panther'

(RIYADH, Saudi Arabia) -- Saudi Arabia broke a 35-year ban on movie theaters Wednesday night with a special showing of the Disney blockbuster Black Panther in the Saudi capital that allowed men and women to sit together.

The invit... Read More

Puerto Rico's worst blackout since Maria leaves island residents 'frustrated'

(NEW YORK) -- Puerto Rico is facing its worst blackout since Hurricane Maria hit in September, leaving some residents wondering whether the island will ever fully recover.

"Everyone is frustrated and it's so unstable," said Eileen Velez, a... Read More