US sanctions three senior North Korean officials amid stalled nuclear talks

(WASHINGTON) -- The Trump administration sanctioned three senior North Korean officials for human rights abuses and censorship in the country as discussions between the U.S. and North Korea over the regime's nuclear weapons program have stalled.
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Macron addresses French nation after weeks of unrest, announces new economic measures

(PARIS) -- French president Emmanuel Macron addressed the nation in a recorded TV speech on Monday and announced new economic measures in response to weeks of violent protests across the country.

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Theresa May says she will delay a planned vote on Brexit despite furious Parliament

(LONDON) -- British Prime Minister Theresa May says she is calling off a key Brexit vote in Parliament scheduled for Tuesday that has been building for weeks amid increased infighting among politicians within and across all major political parties.Read More

'Your daughter should have been safe': New Zealand PM apologizes for tourist's murder

(LONDON) -- The prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, issued a heartfelt apology Monday on behalf of her country for the death of a female British tourist who was killed while backpacking in the country.

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Russia's crumbling Baikonur spaceport is Earth's only launch pad for manned flights

(NEW YORK) -- The landscape approaching Russia’s spaceport in Baikonur is otherworldly. The yellow steppe of southern Kazakhstan where it is located is effectively desert, unbroken flatlands for hundreds of miles covered by a layer of scrub. In... Read More

6 dead, 120 injured in Italian disco stampede, some say pepper spray sparked panic

(ROME) -- Six people are dead and at least 120 people are injured after being trampled by a panicked crowd running out of an Italian disco.

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Cargo ship saves 29-year-old sailor competing in round-the-world race

(NEW YORK) -- A British sailor was rescued by a cargo ship on Friday, two days after an incident left her stranded in the Pacific Ocean.

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2nd deadliest Ebola outbreak in history spreads to major city, raising new challenges for containment

(NEW YORK) -- The second-largest, second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in history has spread to a major city.

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Paris protests continue for third weekend despite Macron conceding to original demands

(PARIS) -- Protesters took to the streets of Paris for a third weekend of violence and looting despite French President Emmanuel Macron backing down on the fuel tax hike that sparked the movement in the first place.

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Astronaut Nick Hague is 'ready to go' again after failed launch to space station

(NEW YORK) -- Almost two months after NASA astronaut Nick Hague and his Russian counterpart Alexei Ovchinin survived a failed launch from Kazakhstan to the International Space Station, Hague told ABC News' David Kerley Friday he is ready to try again... Read More

NASA: InSight probe captured sound of Mars winds

(NEW YORK) -- NASA's InSight lander, which landed on Mars just over one week ago, has transmitted back to Earth audio of the Martian winds, the first time humans have heard these "sounds."

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Nativity scene at Vatican's St. Peter's Square sculpted out of 700 tons of sand

(ROME) -- The Vatican unveiled its novel Nativity scene for Christmas in St. Peter’s Square Friday afternoon -- sculpted completely out of sand for the first time.

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Marines identify killed F/A-18 pilot as search continues for 5 missing off coast of Japan

(WASHINGTON) -- The Marines have identified the F/A-18 fighter pilot killed in a mishap with a Marine Corps KC-30 refueling tanker off the coast of Japan, as the search continues for five Marines still missing.

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Trump moving ahead with second Kim summit despite working-level frustrations

(WASHINGTON) -- The Trump administration is moving ahead with plans for a second summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un despite growing frustration among U.S. officials about the lack of progress on getting North Ko... Read More