Thousands in Russia protest, US offers tempered response

(MOSCOW) -- Stirred by allegations of corruption, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in dozens of cities across Russia yesterday, in the largest anti-government demonstrations the cou... Read More

Eight Japanese students feared dead after avalanche

(TOKYO) — An avalanche at a ski resort in Japan hit several high school students on Monday morning, leaving several injured or feared dead, according to ABC News partner NHK.

About 66 students and teachers were in Tochigi Prefecture,... Read More

Archdiocese of Mexico calls firms expressing interest in Trump's wall 'traitors'

(MEXICO CITY) — In a withering editorial published on Sunday, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico said that Mexican firms interested in helping build President Donald Trump's proposed border wall are "traitors to the homeland."

... Read More

Strong exit polls in German state mark positive development for Angela Merkel as bid for fourth term as chancellor continues

(BERLIN) -- Exit polls in the German state of Saarland suggest German Chancellor Angela Merkel has won that state's election with September's national vote approaching. Merkel is running for a fourth term as chancellor.

The incumbent Chris... Read More

Iraqi officials: civilian deaths were not a result of US air strikes

(MOSUL, Iraq) -- Iraqi military officials are shooting down speculation that US air strikes killed hundreds of civilians according to a BBC News report. Instead, they say so-called Islamic State (IS) is responsible for the deaths of those civilians.<... Read More

London attacker was in Saudi Arabia 3 times, but not on security officials' radar, says embassy

(LONDON) -- London terror attack suspect Khalid Masood visited Saudi Arabia three times -- including two stints teaching English -- but he was not on any security watchlist, the kingdom's London embassy said late Friday.

"The Royal Embassy... Read More

US reviewing airstrike that corresponds to site where 200 Iraqi civilians allegedly died

(WASHINGTON) -- The U.S. military admitted that an airstrike in Iraq on March 17 corresponds to a site where 200 civilians allegedly died, but said it is still assessing the particulars of the strike and the validity of allegations of civilian casual... Read More

US airstrike kills senior al Qaeda leader, Pentagon says

(WASHINGTON) -- An American counter-terrorism airstrike conducted last weekend in eastern Afghanistan killed a senior al Qaeda leader named Qari Yasin, the Pentagon announced Saturday.

Yasin is responsible for plotting a number of high-pro... Read More

UKIP's only MP resigns to become an independent

(LONDON) -- The United Kingdom Independence Party's (UKIP) only member of parliament has quit the party to become an independent.

Douglas Carswell, who was with the Conservatives until switching to the Brexit-supporting UKIP in 2014, announced... Read More

US reviewing airstrikes in Iraq and Syria that may have killed 100s of civilians

(MOSUL, Iraq) -- The U.S. military is reviewing whether three airstrikes in Syria and Iraq over the past week were responsible for the reported deaths of more than 200 civilians.

U.S. Central Command confirms it has begun "credibility assessme... Read More

Police release photo of London terror attack suspect

(LONDON) — Police Friday released a photograph of the British national believed to be behind this week's deadly terror attack in London.

The suspect, Khalid Masood, was shot and killed by police after his Wednesday afternoon attack t... Read More