Man arrested for trespassing into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's New York office

(NEW YORK) -- An unidentified man trespassed into Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's district office in Queens on Saturday, sprayed a fire extinguisher and then hid in a closet until police were... Read More

'Daily Show's' Presidential Twitter Library launches in DC in time for Trump's 73rd birthday

(WASHINGTON) -- "Covfefe," the word that had the country in a social media uproar when President Donald Trump tweeted it in 2017, was on display Friday along with many of his other tweets just in time for the commander in chief's 73rd birthday.

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After Trump’s controversial comments, Congress fights over foreign influence measures

(WASHINGTON) -- In the wake of President Donald Trump’s comments to ABC News that he would be open to foreign offers of political dirt on his 2020 rivals before maybe contacting the FBI, Democrats on Capitol Hill used the controversial remarks ... Read More

What you should know about the 1939 law Kellyanne Conway is accused of violating

(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump rushed to the defense of one of his top political advisers on Friday, after a federal watchdog accused White House counselor Kellyanne Conway of violating a law that bars some government employees of engaging in... Read More

President Trump’s internal polling data from March showed him far behind Joe Biden in key battleground states

(WASHINGTON) -- Data from President Donald Trump's first internal reelection campaign poll conducted in March, obtained exclusively by ABC News, showed him losing a matchup by wide margins to former Vice President Joe Biden in key battleground states... Read More

Trump now says 'of course' he would report 'incorrect' dirt from foreign adversary to FBI

(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump on Friday appeared to try to walk back comments in an ABC News interview about his willingness to accept dirt on political rivals from a foreign adversary, telling Fox News that he would notify the FBI or the at... Read More

2020 Democratic candidates set to clash as NBC officially sets debate lineups

(NEW YORK) -- NBC News on Friday announced the lineups for the first Democratic primary debates, officially setting the stage for the first direct clash between the crowded field of candidates vying for the party's presidential nomination.

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In new campaign ad, Bullock looks for silver lining after not making debate stage

(WASHINGTON) -- If there's a silver lining for 2020 Democratic candidates who didn't make the cut for the first Democratic debates later this month, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock is certainly looking for it.

As the only candidate elected in a... Read More

Trump blames Iran for oil tanker attack, won't say how US plans to respond

(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump on Friday directly blamed Iran for the attack on two oil tankers in Gulf of Oman, pointing to video the Pentagon released as evidence of Iran’s culpability, but when pressed would not reveal how the United... Read More

Trump: 'Not going to fire' Kellyanne Conway despite finding she made illegal political statements

(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump said on Friday that he has no plans to fire his senior adviser Kellyanne Conway despite a federal watchdog agency's call the day before that she should be “removed from service” for using her office ... Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Trump says of Fed Reserve chairman 'I've waited long enough'

(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump slammed Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell again this week, insisting that Powell’s actions have prevented the economy from soaring even higher and declaring he’s out of patience with the man he ... Read More