'Roseanne' star Emma Kenney enters treatment for 'doing things I should not be doing'

(NEW YORK) -- "Roseanne" star Emma Kenney has entered treatment to treat anxiety and depression, among other undisclosed substance use.

In a statement from her rep, the actress who portrays Roseanne Conner's granddaughter on the hit "Rose... Read More

Could post-surgery healing process trigger cancer spread in breast cancer?

(NEW YORK) -- If a new study in mice ends up holding true for humans, there may be a new explanation for why breast cancer can spread after surgery. The wound-healing process may make the immune system too busy to catch cancer cells that travel aroun... Read More

Allergy 'vaccine' suppresses the allergic response to peanuts in mice

(NEW YORK) -- There may be hope on the horizon for food allergy sufferers in the United States -- at least, those that are mice. Scientists reported on Wednesday that they successfully tested a new allergy "vaccine" in mice with peanut allergies. The... Read More

YouTube stars who battled acne say they cleared skin through a low-fat diet

(NEW YORK) -- Nina and Randa Nelson are 24-year-old twins who live their lives in the public eye, with more than 600,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel.

The willingness to be in the public spotlight is a turn for the sisters who say ... Read More

Mariah Carey opens up about her bipolar disorder in 'hope of helping others'

(NEW YORK) -- Mariah Carey has revealed she was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, saying she is speaking out about her mental health now because she is "hopeful we can get to a place where the stigma is lifted from people going through anything alo... Read More

Human error allegedly to blame for compromised eggs and embryos, tank supplier says

(CLEVELAND) -- An Ohio fertility clinic that lost thousands of eggs and embryos due to what it said was a storage tank glitch may have been too quick to blame the machine, according to the tank supplier.

Custom Biogenic Systems (CBS), the ... Read More

Later school start times help teens' moods, study says

(NEW YORK) -- Is your teen tired and grumpy? Part of that comes with the territory, but new research shows that it might not be entirely their fault.

A new study published by the Sleep Research Society found support for pushing back school... Read More

3 dead, more than 100 with severe bleeding from synthetic pot: Illinois health officials

(CHICAGO) -- A third person who experienced severe bleeding after using synthetic marijuana has died in Illinois, health officials confirmed.

There are now 107 people in central Illinois and the Chicago area who experienced severe bleeding... Read More

One of the world's hottest peppers and a 'thunderclap headache'

(NEW YORK) -- A man rushed to the hospital with an excruciating headache after participating in a chili-pepper-eating contest may have triggered a hot medical discovery.

Doctors who assessed him wondered what could have caused the massive ... Read More

People at genetic risk for heart disease can decrease chances of heart attack by getting active

(NEW YORK) -- If you have a parent or sibling with heart disease, especially one that died at a young age, should you avoid exercise because of your genetic risk?

A new study says, quite clearly, no.

Many people likely know that... Read More

Woman who confronted Tony Robbins in viral video clip says she's 'tired of being shamed'

(NEW YORK) -- The woman at the center of the now-viral clip of Tony Robbins, in which he seemed to dismiss the goals of the #MeToo movement, told ABC News' "Nightline" that she felt "pushed" to stand and confront Robbins for his rhetoric.

... Read More

3-year-old thriving after becoming first to get world's smallest mechanical heart valve during medical trial

(SEATTLE) -- For her family, 3-year-old Sadie Rutenberg is living proof that medical miracles are real.

For the first year of her life, the Seattle baby was hooked up to a machine that helped her breathe because of a heart defect.
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New software by MIT hopes to combat cyberbullying

(NEW YORK) -- Research suggests that up to 48 percent of adolescents have experienced online bullying.

These victims endure feelings of embarrassment, worry, fear, depression and isolation -- which go along with more suicidal thoughts, sel... Read More

Jamie-Lynn Sigler seeks advice, says she was forced to stop breastfeeding due to MS: 'I need some help'

(NEW YORK) -- "Sopranos" star Jamie-Lynn Sigler is opening up about how having multiple sclerosis has affected her experience of motherhood.

The actress is even Read More