Payless dupes fashion influencers into paying hundreds for $20 shoes in ad campaign

(LOS ANGELES) -- A handful of fashion influencers paid hundreds of dollars for shoes from the budget retailer Payless after the company rebranded as the high-end "Palessi" for a day in an ad campaign.

The campaign, created by the advertisi... Read More

Amy Schumer launching new clothing line next month

(NEW YORK) -- Amy Schumer’s venture into the retail industry is launching soon.

The actress announced in July that she is collaborating with her personal stylist, Leesa Evans, for a new size-inclusive clothing line.

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SEC charges Floyd Mayweather, DJ Khaled with cryptocurrency fraud

(WASHINGTON) -- Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather and music prodcer DJ Khaled were charged with failure to disclose payments received for promoting inital coin offerings (ICOs) by the Read More

Former CBS CEO Les Moonves may lose his $120 million payout after bombshell report

(NEW YORK) -- When Les Moonves stepped down as CEO of CBS in September amid allegations of sexual harassment and assault, he was still eyeing a $120 million payout. Now he may stand to lose it, experts say.

That that money was put into a t... Read More

DOJ distributes another $695 million to Madoff fraud victims

(NEW YORK) -- The Department of Justice distributed an additional $695 million to investors who lost money in the largest known Ponzi scheme in U.S. history, orchestrated by Bernard Madoff, the agency announced Thursday.

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Civil rights group to confront Sheryl Sandberg: 'It's time for Facebook to grow up ... and be held accountable'

(NEW YORK) -- As Facebook weathers a public relations crisis following the publication of a New York Times report earlier this month, a civil rights organization reportedly targeted by a consulting firm hired by the social media giant is set... Read More

Trump downplays GM plant closings, repeats false claim about steels plants

(WASHINGTON) -- President Donald Trump, in a tweet early Thursday morning, downplayed General Motors’ announcement it was shuttering several U.S. factories and laying off thousands of American workers, claiming it was an anomaly among the broad... Read More

You can stay at 'the world's most remote hotel' almost for free

(NEW YORK) -- If it's your "thing" to go off the beaten path, then here's a treat for you. is offering to pick up the tab for travelers willing to travel to what they call the "most remote AF hotel in the world," the Ittoqqortoo... Read More

Black Christmas trees are a hot holiday decorating trend

(NEW YORK) -- First lady Melania Trump decorated the halls of the White House with red Christmas trees, but it is another, much more unique tree color that is trending this Christmas.


Yes, black Christmas trees are provin... Read More

Why Trump's threat to pull GM subsidies is empty fumes

(NEW YORK) -- When President Donald Trump threatened to cut "subsidies" to General Motors on Tuesday, he caused many to wonder: "What subsidy?"

Trump seems to be tweeting about the $7,500 federal tax rebate for electric cars. Every automak... Read More

'Fearless Girl' statue, which defied the Wall Street Bull, is on the move to new home outside New York Stock Exchange

(NEW YORK) -- The “Fearless Girl” statue, which faced off against the famed Wall Street Bull in Downtown Manhattan, has begun its move to its new home outside the New York Stock Exchange, the city announced.

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Hundreds of employees call on Google to not be 'complicit in oppression' in China

(MOUTNAIN VIEW, Calif.) -- In the latest example of Silicon Valley workers trying to change corporate policy, Google employees opposed to the company's plan to develop a censored search engine in China have publicly called on the company stop develop... Read More

Ivanka Trump gets first-hand look at new tech partnership with Apple

(WILDER, Idaho) -- Ivanka Trump traveled to Wilder, Idaho, Tuesday to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook and learn more about a technical skills training initiative that Apple is implementing in the rural community.

Trump sat in as elementary school... Read More

How to protect your privacy when getting rid of old phones

(NEW YORK) -- Every few years you face a dilemma: What to do with an old phone? You can sell it or recycle it, but in a new experiment done by a data recovery company, those choices may have serious security complications if done improperly.
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