Auto groups slam Trump administration's imports investigation, possible tariffs

(WASHINGTON) -- Two Washington D.C.-based automaker groups are slamming President Donald Trump's decision to launch an investigation into auto imports, which could lead to tariffs on foreign-made vehi... Read More

Airline industry preparing for record 246 million summer travelers

(NEW YORK) -- Airports across the country are expected to serve a record number of summer travelers this year, but if all goes to plan for airline and security officials, you may not even notice.

Airlines for America, an industry trade gro... Read More

Federal prosecutors investigating allegations of sex abuse against Weinstein

(NEW YORK) -- Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are now investigating allegations of sexual abuse against disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein, a source familiar with the probe confirmed to ABC News.

The New York Police Department, Manh... Read More

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg heads to Paris to meet French president after fending off EU lawmakers

(PARIS) -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace in Paris today, after fielding tough questions Tuesday from European Union lawmakers in Brussels.

Zuckerberg has been invited tod... Read More

Uber's new rules on arbitration for sex-related claims face 1st test

(NEW YORK) -- A former employee is suing Uber less than a week after the company announced it is doing away with a rule that forced arbitration on passengers, drivers or employees who come forward with claims of sexual harassment or assault.
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Grocery omits Latin word due to its similarity to profanity

(CHARLESTON, S.C.) -- A South Carolina family is moving on after an unexpected omission on a cake had them laughing during their son's graduation party.

Jacob Koscinski graduated Saturday from his Christian-based home-schooling program in ... Read More

Meet the first woman to lead the NYSE in 226 years

(NEW YORK) -- Stacey Cunningham will take the reins of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Friday, shattering the glass ceiling to become the first female president in the Big Board's 226-year history.

Cunningham is currently the NYSE's ... Read More

Instagram introduces mute feature to quiet down your feed without unfollowing friends

(NEW YORK) -- Are your former colleague's workout selfies bringing you down?

Or your college roommate's constant pictures of their newborn adorable but just too much at times?

Instagram's got your back.

The social med... Read More

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to meet with European lawmakers

(BRUSSELS) -- Mark Zuckerberg was expected to be in Brussels today to answer some tough questions.

The Facebook founder is schedule to meet with members of the European Parliament about his company's use of personal data, privacy limits an... Read More

Gas prices up 5 cents this week, 52 cents from 2017

(NEW YORK) -- Leading up to Memorial Day weekend, gas prices nationwide are up 5 cents from last week and are 52 cents higher than a year ago.

Regular gasoline in the U.S. on May 21 cost an average of 2.923 cents per gallon, compared with ... Read More

Primate bound for sanctuary breaks out of cage at Texas airport

(SAN ANTONIO) -- A rhesus macaque monkey gave handlers the slip at San Antonio Airport, officials confirmed to ABC News.

The crafty primate, named Dawkins, managed to extricate itself from a crate on Monday after arriving at the Texas airp... Read More